Q: Where should FactoryAR or Remote ViewAR be used?
A: In any facility where machines, sensors or actuators are controlled by a SCADA control system, or where a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used.

Q: What SCADA procotols are supported?
A: Modbus TCP and OPC is curently supported. If you a different requirement please contact us.

Q: Can the system be used for control actions (inputs) or just observing system values (outputs)?
A: You can configure the overlay graphics to be allow either or both, depending on your application. You may wish to allow control actions for only some machines, or you can make the entire system output only.

Q: Can you have security and different levels of access?
A: Yes, ProductionAR is based on Basic Authentication, which you can enable if desired. Also, you can assign different levels of permission to different users, so that some information and control actions are only available to some users. For example, you can assign control actions to turn on and off some important machines to only the head engineer.

Q: What is the network requirements?
A: The mobile devices require either a WIFI or 3G data connection.

Q: Where is the ProductionAR software located?
A: Typically for FactoryAR a customer would purchase our rack mounted server with our software preconfigured. Or the Factory AR software can be installed on your Windows Servers. However, Remote ViewAR is software installed on your machine.


Q:How many items can be monitored using ProductionAR?
A:There is no upper limit on the number of nodes.

Q: How do I customize the graphics that appear for each object or machine?
A: You can either select from a library of our available overlay graphics, or use your own custom graphics and behaviours.

Q: How does the mobile device recognize my machines?
A: A different marker is attached to each object of interest in your facility. It can be printed on a conventional printer or purchased from us.

Q: How far away can the markers be detected?
A: This depends on the size of the printed marker. A 13.7cm marker (5.4″) can be detected with an iPad or iPhone beyond 20M (65′) away. In general, it is best to print the marker as large as there is convenient room.

Q: Do I need to have a wearable system such Google Glass?
A: No, you can use any of our supported devices.  The typical customer uses just the iPhone or iPad.

Q: What is the benefit of wearable systems such as the Google Glass?
A: With wearable technology you can passively notice the system state as you carry out your regular tasks. Color coded graphics in the corner of your vision provide a constant stream of high level status information without affecting your work. Hand-held devices, in contrast, require an active action to take the device from your pocket and aim it at a machine. However, due to the lack of buttons and touch screen there would typically be no control actions associated with the graphics.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: We have a flexible pricing scheme.  Pricing depends on the number of augmented nodes and number of users. Please contact us for pricing.

Q: Can we see a demo in our facility?
A: We would be happy to. Contact us to schedule a demo.